Joel Lopez “RUF MMA” Affiliate Promotion Experienced boxing and MMA promoter in multipule states. President, leader, and driving force behind one of Arizona's leading MMA promotions. 

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 Jesse Nunez “President of the EAFL” Business-savvy, entrepreneur and business developer with over 15 years of operations and management experience in audio visual & multi media based industries. Extensive business development expertise combined with proven success in creating, producing, and managing all aspects of production and audio/video integration operations. 

About US


League Management:

The Elite Difference:

We know fighters need to compete as amateurs to gain the experience they need to go pro. We believe that MMA needs an elite amateur level to separate the pretenders from the contenders. 

The current landscape forces real contenders to participate in subpar events against subpar talent slowing down their growth and progress. Forcing them to stay in the amateur ranks longer or they have to compete against lesser competition creating a false notion that they are ready to go pro. 

By matching only elite level talent, fighters that succeed in our league will be proven and ready for the pro ranks at a faster pace.

​Fighter Incentives:

•             Fighters will be recognized as the top elite amateur fighters in their State. 
•             Fighters will have the opportunity to compete against the best amateurs in the country.
•             Fighters will be able to travel to showcase their skills across the country.
•             Web and TV exposure will provide the same type of exposure NCAA athletes receive.

Elite Amateur Fight League is a nationally competitive team based MMA organization comprised of individual teams to form a league. Each team is made up of 7 fighters in 7 weight classes. Our format is similar to the most successful sports leagues in America. In season two, teams will participate in a playoff style tournament to determine a National Champion. Our league is designed to improve the amateur MMA landscape by providing a platform for national level talent to compete against each other and gain national level exposure while providing fans of the sport a single portal to watch the future stars of MMA.